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Description du produit

A SWEET WELCOME TO THE FINE WEATHERL'Eau Bleue by Miu Miu is a “Eau de Parfum“ for women belonging to the floral family. This fresh fragrance symbolizes the beginning of the warm seasons, and the emotions they transmit to us: happiness and joy, optimism, vitality and good humour, among many others. Feelings of well-being, flowering fields and bright days, Spring has finally arrived

This fragrance was launched in 2016 by perfumer Daniela Andrier. This is a fresher and lighter version of the classic Miu Miu, making it a totally bearable scent for the warmer days. It invites us to dance in the country and to feel the touch of fresh grass on our bare feet, it also allows us to perceive the aroma of a freshly cut flower, and the softness of its petals, hundreds of pleasant sensations are compacted in this little blue bottle, a potion of joy, fun and happiness.Its olfactory pyramid begins with lily of the valley, a soft and delicate flower with a subtle aroma, which leads us to a heart of white flowers, Dew Drop, green notes, wild rose, jasmine and smelly, a fusion of fr4escura and romanticism, revitalizing and energetic, brimming with light. In its final form, we find a masterful combination of white musk and Akigalawoog. MIU MIU GIRL. The French firm Miu Miu Miu, presents us with this fragrance a new vision of youth, girls, pizpiretas and dancers, who live without fear of what they will say and enjoy the small pleasures of life. SUNNY DAYS. L'Eau Bleue invites us to savour the sweet rays of sunshine of a spring day, a comforting and almost indescribable sensation.FLASHING BOTTLE. Its bottle follows the same lines as the classic Miu Miu. In this case, it changes the colour of its cap, giving it a fun yellow tone, in tune with the bright sun that shines on us and charges us with energy.