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THE PANAREA ISLAND, A PLACE WHERE TIME STANDS STILLMirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma is a unisex 'Eau de Toilette', which belongs to the Mediterranean Blu collection of the Italian firm Acqua di Parma. This collection reflects the freshness and naturalness of the waves of the Italian Mediterranean, its colours, its energy, its warm rays of sunshine, small moments totally sensory, which cause in our body well-being, vitality and energy.This fragrance was created in 2008. The Blu Mediterraneo collection is made up of 7 perfumes, each symbolising a typical element of the country, this time paying homage to the “myrtle of Panarea“, a green and aromatic shrub that grows on the island of Panarea, the smallest and oldest of the Aeolian islands, a magical place, where time stands still and the years do not pass, its essence remains alive and is transmitted generation after generation, green and totally natural landscapes, set the backdrop to small and totally picturesque towns, of classic and characteristic architecture, always with incredible views of the crystalline blue sea.Its stele begins with a citrus burst full of freshness, where from its beginning we can appreciate myrtle, which is combined with basil, lemon and bergamot. Then a heart opens up in which the freshness of the sea water is captured, combined with a floral bouquet of jasmine and rose. Finally, we put an end to this incredible experience with a woody and warm background, thanks to mastic resin from mastic, Virginia juniper, cedar and amber.CLASSIC AND VINTAGE. This fragrance maintains the essence of the past of the island of Panarea, an aroma that evokes memories and immerses us in an incredible sensory retreat.ELEGANCE FOR HIM AND HER. Acqua di Parma is consolidated as a firm of maximum elegance and sophistication. This fragrance perfectly represents these qualities and becomes a very versatile element, as it is unisex in character. Perfect for sharing as a couple.BLUE OCEANIC. Blue is the color that represents this fragrance. An intense blue, in homage to the sea and the sky. Natural elements, very present in the collection.